Jul 22, 2011

FCM is Closing + The Unfinished Summer '11 Edition

These four editions, a full cycle of seasons, have been amazing. The people I've met that were part of the team, me, my friends, learning graphics, getting it out there.  It's all helped me grow as a person and entertained hundreds of stardoll members. It was all I could ever hope for in my magazine. Thank you to all my readers!

And yet, it's time to move on. I am leaving stardoll. See why here.

And now, the reveal of what would have been the Summer Edition:

Other Editorial Parts:
The Team:
Tapstar321 (Founder, Editor & Head of Graphics) , JuciiMami827 (Assistant Editor), Plami161 (Grapics), Meifab (Writing & Creative Director), Ruubin (Creative Director), AislinVictory (Graphics).

Nicole, Founder and Editor of Forever Chic Magazine
(Tapstar321 on SD)


  1. Nikki, your graphics are amazing! I will never be as amazing as you! :P

  2. I love the graphics! I wish it got finished but oh well.